Your mold testing professional will determine the number of air samples that will be taken inside the home, along with an outdoor sample to compare the inside samples to as a baseline or control sample.


When you should consider an IAQ test with a Mold & Moisture Evaluation:

When you should consider an Indoor Air Quality Test:

Choosing a mold testing company is easy. Look for clear results in an easy to read format delivered as fast as possible. That is why every test we perform is analyzed by our partner in lab services, Inspectorlab.  We ship the samples in and they are out the same day. The results are interpreted clearly and accurately. Either there are problem levels of mold or there aren’t. Either there is mold growth or there isn’t. The results are what matter and InspectorLab delivers every day.

InspectorLab offers an exclusive guarantee with their mold testing services. If you have mold testing done with their company and the results are good, and you later see mold, they will pay to remove all visible mold.  Get a copy of the terms and conditions of the InspectorLab  Guarantee by calling our office today!

  • When visible mold (or suspected mold) is present.
  • Where a cleanup or removal of visible mold took place.
  • When a third party will be involved in effecting repairs to ensure those repairs are done properly.


Mold isn’t a bad word. Every home has mold and without it the world wouldn’t be habitable for  humans or animals.

Mold only becomes a problem when there is too much of it, when it causes problems for your health or when it is unsightly and causing damage to property. This is where mold testing comes in.

Take a look at this simple guide to mold testing to determine if you need mold testing, and what kind of testing best suits your needs.


When to have a Surface Sample taken:

Mold samples and moisture testing is done to evaluate health potential health hazards from mold and help locate sources of moisture that will
eventually destroy
whatever becomes
​wet and moldy.

Property values can be greatly affected by moisture and mold. Moisture and mold testing help prevent damage to property and help keep your family healthy by identifying the source of the problem so it can be corrected.



  • When  you have general concerns about the house.
  • When the home sat vacant for an extended period of time.
  • A major water event historically is suspected.
  • This service becomes especially important when there is a suspected mold issue and no home inspection was performed.



  • When a recent or past water event is suspected.
  • A “musty” smell is noticed.
  • An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress.
  • Recent mold remediation took place and you want to verify the effectiveness.




Your mold inspector will be looking for evidence of
“microbial growth".
They will use a
swab or tape lift
to sample that
​ growth. Both swabs and tape lifts are used to see if there is evidence of “current or former growth” as a result of water 

Air samples can tell you if you have hidden moisture or leaks that are producing spores that may represent a health risk to you and your family.



intrusion or excessive humidity causing the growth. Sometimes
the dark or discolored
“growth” is not       
microbial growth and
​ thus, not evidence of water intrusion causing damage to your home. It is important to sample visible growth along with air samples to measure whether or not unwarranted exposure exists for you or your family.